How Germany Overtook The U.K. To Become Europe's Largest Music Market

Inside the IFPI's Cheery 2010 Numbers

Although it has a rather cheery, optimistic disposition, there’s a lot of bad news in the IFPI’s meticulous international music biz report.
Rebecca Black's 'Friday' With 180 Million Views Is YouTube's Top 2011 Video

Rebecca Black's 'Friday' Disappears From YouTube, Returns Hours Later

The video for Rebecca Black was removed from YouTube on Tuesday when the user account disappeared. “Friday” was gone from YouTube around 7 p.m. eastern time on Tuesday by the host of the video, trizzy66 (the YouTube account of the song and video creator, Ark Music Factory). The video was reposted several hours later.
Business Matters: Appreciate Amazon's Cloud Drive For What It Is, Not What It Isn't

Amazon Beats Apple and Google to the Cloud

Amazon has beaten Google and Apple to the cloud by launching a cloud music storage service that will allow people to remotely access their digital music collections from connected devices.
Business Matters: Yes, Artists Still Want Label Deals

Business Matters: Yes, Artists Still Want Label Deals

Despite everything you've heard about the obsolescence of record labels, three out of four independent artists want to be signed to one, according to a survey of 1,869 artists. Also, what's taking people so long to embrace music subscriptions, Live Nation's Maryland venue is moving ahead, and Spotify's malware attack is explained ...