Chris Willman

Common, 2014

Common Talks 'Glory,' His 'Selma' Duet With John Legend: 'It's for Dr. King'

The trailer for the civil rights drama Selma was scored with a hip-hop song by Public Enemy, as a sort of promise to audiences that this wouldn't be a musty treatment of a mid-'60s story. When the film premieres on Christmas Day, of course, the music won't so overtly contradict the period -- until the end credits, anyway, when "Glory," a song by Common and John Legend, will bring things up to date, both lyrically and musically.
Lana Del Rey, Ultraviolence

'Big Eyes': The Story Behind Lana Del Rey's Stunning Secret Songs

Lana Del Rey hit the Top 10 last year with “Summertime Sadness,” and this winter, she’ll be giving a voice to the sadness of Amy Adams’ character in Big Eyes, the Tim Burton film that opens Dec. 25. Her contributions are not just a bit of the old Ultraviolence (to cite the title of her most recent album), but two entirely new tracks kept secret until the Christmas release started screening for insiders a few days ago.