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French Constantin Prize Shortlist Announced

French Constantin Prize Shortlist Announced

Organizers of the tenth annual Constantin Prize, France's equivalent of the U.K.'s Mercury Music Prize, unveiled their shortlist, which is to be held at Paris Olympia on Oct. 17. The nominees are Alex Beaupain, Brigitte, Cyril Mokaiesh, Lisa Portelli, Sly Johnson, Bertrand Belin, Cascadeur, L, Selah Sue and the Shoes.
Business Matters: 700,000 French ISP Subscribers Have Received an Infringement Warning

France's HADOPI Sends Out Final Copyright Infringement Notices, But Many Are Critical

HADOPI, the independent authority created by French law to handle copyright infringement and encourage legal online usage, is entering the third and final warning phase whereby infringers are interviewed and sent before a magistrate. But with only ten or so notices sent out, many are questioning HADOPI's effectiveness.
SACEM Names Jean-Noel Tronc Chairman

France's SACEM Revenues Up 7.5% Last Year

Sacem, the French authors and publishers collection society just announced 7.5% growth in 2010 to €819.6 million (about $1.16 billion), the agency’s first growth that's exceeded inflation in five years, according to a new report.