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Michael Jackson's Biggest Chart Thrills

Will Michael Jackson's Legacy Be On Trial At Conrad Murray Court Case?

Inside the compact, wood-paneled courtroom that will soon host the trial of Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's personal physician, many of the tabloid-worthy elements of the singer's life will go unspoken. Outside, however, many Jackson fans expect a media free-for-all that will dredge up discredited allegations and salacious story lines, once again tarnishing the King of Pop's legacy.
Michael Jackson's Biggest Chart Thrills

Sony Studios Wants Subpoena For Michael Jackson Footage Quashed

Sony studios on Friday asked the judge hearing Michael Jackson's manslaughter trial to throw out a subpoena for footage of the singer's final rehearsals after a defense attorney said earlier this week that reviewing them was "a big waste of time."
Michael Jackson's Biggest Chart Thrills

Insurer Seeks to Void Policy for Michael Jackson Shows

Lloyd's of London sued AEG Live and Jackson's company on Monday, claiming the concert promoter has failed to provide necessary medical information and details about the physician charged with the singer's death.