Exploratory indie rockers Pattern Is Movement were formed in Philadelphia by multi-instrumentalists Andrew Thiboldeaux and Christopher Ward in 2001. Originally joined by fellow musicians Daniel McClain, Wade Hampton, and Corey Duncan, early output from the band tended toward angular math rock. This heavy approach resulted in the first few albums from the band, 2004's The (Im)possibility of Longing and 2005's Stowaway. Producer Scott Solter worked independently on a remix of Stowaway that was eventually released as 2006's Scott Solter Plays Pattern Is Movement: Canonic.
By the release of 2008's All Together, the band had pared down its membership to just the founding duo of Thiboldeaux playing a variety of keys and synths and Ward playing drums. This membership change came at the same time as a massive change in direction for the group, tending away from cerebral rock and moving in a more stylized direction in line with the layered harmonies and neo-soul influences of Dirty Projectors or Grizzly Bear. The band embarked on a series of tours, supporting acts as diverse as the Roots and St. Vincent. Their self-titled fourth album took years of recording and editing to complete, seeing the light of day in the spring of 2014. ~ Fred Thomas, Rovi