Puerto Rican ensemble 3-2 Get Funky emerged in 1993 with the release of their debut album on RMM, featuring the hit singles "Sabor Latino" and "La Chica Que Yo Quiero"; both songs were composed by Mikie Perfecto, a singer/producer who grew up in New York and then moved to Puerto Rico. Soon after achieving their first gold record, the Latin hip-hop and tropical outfit released their salsa-flavored second album, The Return of the Funky Ones, introducing the ragafunk style, a catchy mix of rap and reggae; the album was followed by 1996's Funky Business. In 1999, Mikie Perfecto decided to go on his own with a more tropical-oriented style delivered on his solo debut, Angel Perdido. Nevertheless, 3-2 Get Funky climbed music charts once again with "Bailen," from their 2002 album The Time Is Right. ~ Drago Bonacich, Rovi