The quieter half of the acclaimed hip-hop duo Cannibal Ox (who counted El-P as their producer), Vordul Mega (or Vordul Megilah) first began rhyming at 13 in the mid-'80s when hip-hop was in its golden years, and continued onward from there. After Cannibal Ox released the acclaimed The Cold Vein in 2001, each member went on to pursue his own solo work. In 2004 both issued their debut albums, Vast Aire with Look Mom... No Hands and Vordul Mega with Revolution of Yung Havoks. In 2005 Vordul helped to form the 11-man group the Reavers, comprised of himself, Goldenchild, Billy Woods, Akir, Spiega, Kong, Hasan Salaam, Dom Pacino, Karniege, Priviledge, and Keith Masters. The Reavers released Terror Firma that same year, as rumors of a second Cannibal Ox record continued to brew. ~ Marisa Brown, Rovi