The Wonder Who? were a pseudonym for the Four Seasons, who released a Bob Dylan cover, "Don't Think Twice," under that name in late 1965. The song was an outtake from their obscure Sing Hits By Bacharach, David and Dylan album and was about the most camp cover of a Dylan tune that could be imagined, Frankie Valli singing in his most castrato voice and blowing falsetto raspberries. The song was, nonetheless, quite a big hit, making number 12. As for who was the Wonder Who?, it was more a case of who's-fooling-who; even average pop/rock listeners figured out that it was the Four Seasons operating under an alias. It remains, incidentally, one of the most commercially successful Bob Dylan covers ever released.
The Four Seasons kept the joke going a little longer with a similarly ridiculous cover of "On the Good Ship Lollipop" in 1966, although this wasn't as successful, reaching only number 87. Their last effort under the name, 1967's "Lonesome Road," missed the charts entirely. Discographies list a fourth Wonder Who? single, "Peanuts," as a 1966 Vee-Jay release, although that song had in fact already been released by Vee-Jay credited to the Four Seasons proper several years before that. ~ Richie Unterberger, Rovi