Those that remember the Hudson Brothers usually think of them as a bubblegum act of sorts, due to the fact that they hosted some comedy-variety TV shows in the mid-'70s. But they were in fact a real group, extremely Anglophile in orientation, with heavy debts to the Beatles and Beach Boys, and occasional hints of the Kinks. In these respects, as well as their harmonies and superficial vocal resemblances to Lennon and McCartney, they echoed other players in the sub-Beatle game, like Badfinger, the Move, and ELO. That might be raising your expectations too high: they weren't nearly as deep or clever as the Move, as infectious or energetic as Badfinger, or even as ambitious as ELO. During their brief mid-'70s vogue, they recorded a few albums for Elton John's Rocket label (some of which were produced by Elton's songwriting partner Bernie Taupin), and managed a few small hits, "So You Are a Star," "Lonely School Year," and "Rendezvous." ~ Richie Unterberger, Rovi