The Hollow Men were swept up in the hype of the late-'80s alternative music scene in Manchester, England. Like Inspiral Carpets and the Charlatans U.K., the Hollow Men revived '60s psychedelia with an acid house groove. Featuring David Ashmoore (vocals), Choque (rhythm guitar), Brian E. Roberts (lead guitar), Howard Taylor (bass), and Jonny Cragg (drums), the Hollow Men were barely distinguishable from their peers. Actually formed in Leeds, England, the Hollow Men adopted the Madchester sound and refused to ditch it, even when grunge and Brit-pop reduced the band's mix of rock and rave into a dated artifact. The Hollow Men's 1990 album Cresta was praised by English critics mesmerized by the resurrection of guitar music in Britain. In America, the LP reached the Top Ten of the college radio charts, but vanished once a glut of similarly derivative acts began to appear. In 1994, the Hollow Men released Twisted on November Records; the group even produced the album. Utilizing samples and tripped-out guitars, Twisted was barely acknowledged in a year that witnessed the suicide of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain and the surge of Brit-pop via Blur and Oasis. Twisted received scant press in the U.S. as the Madchester sound became a faint memory outside of England. ~ Michael Sutton, Rovi