They're not like Echo & the Bunnymen and they claim they're not seaside scousers of their hometown of Hoylake, for the Coral are crazy geezers, Happy Mondays-style. Comprised of six neighborhood mates James Skelly (guitar/vocals), Ian Skelly (drums), Nick Power (organ), Bill Ryder-Jones (guitar/trumpet), Lee Southall (guitar/vocals) and Paul Duffy (bass/sax), the Coral formed in their early teens in 1996. NME was quick to jump on them in fall 2001, proclaiming the Coral as the best new band in England thanks to the popularity of "Shadows Fall." The next summer, the Coral was still a buzz -- their self-titled debut album appeared on Sony Music UK in July. The Coral made their way to America in early 2003 with their self-titled debut release for Columbia. The Invisible Invasion followed two years later. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, Rovi