Tejano singer Ramiro Herrera, named by his fans as Most Wanted Man and also known by his nickname of Ram, started getting involved in show business while participating in a seven-piece act called David Lee Garza y Los Musicales, debuting with the release of Cuantro Caminos in 1981. The artist decided to go on his own in 1984, recording and issuing a self-titled album that same year. Throughout his career, Ramiro Herrera received notoriety for being an unconditional contributor to humanitarian organizations such as Brown Santa and the Texas Diabetes Association, and also for participating in Raúl Jiménez Thanksgiving Dinner. Ramiro Herrera's acclaimed performances were recognized by the Tejano Music Awards when they announced the artist was voted Male Entertainment of the Year. In January of 1999, the singer signed up to the independent label Chipinque Records, releasing an album called New Beginnings soon after. ~ Drago Bonacich, Rovi