Coming out of the projects of North Philadelphia, Ram Squad has gone from local heroes to national players on the hip-hop scene. The group is composed of Boy Backs, Tommy Hill, Six 9, and Suave, four young rappers who grew up in the Richard Allen Project and formed Ram Squad (which stands for Richard Allen Mob). Prior to getting into music, Boy Backs and Tommy Hill were drug dealers and Hill spent time in prison theft.
The personal histories of some of the group's members formed the foundation of the group's hardcore sound. Influenced by artist such as Kurupt and Notorious B.I.G., Ram Squad got some local attention and they released several independent records such as 1996's Operation Lock the City, 1997's Thee Album Regardless, and Ram Squad Raw, which all sold over 30,000 copies in Philadelphia alone.
The year 2000 saw Ram Squad's first release on a major label with R.andom A.ccess M.oney; an unrelentingly raw debut album aimed straight at the heart of hardcore hip-hop fans. ~ Jon Azpiri, Rovi