V2 records had big plans for pre)Thing. They saw the band's leader -- former Crazy Town guitarist Rust Epique -- as "eccentric" and "difficult," they released a record of his admittance to Michigan state hospital's department of mental health as a bio, and they started work on a huge promotional effort for the band's debut that included a video game. The sound of pre)Thing -- a loud and ambitious blend of the Crystal Method, Smashing Pumpkins, the Cure, and Southern-fried rock -- started to come together when Epique left Crazy Town and formed Rustandthesuperheroes in Modesto, CA. With bassist Jon Troy and drummer Dinolicious in the lineup, the band played their first Los Angeles gig as Daisy Town, a flippant reference to Epique's old band. A four-song demo CD landed them a meeting with V2 in 2002. Executives soon signed Epique, seeing him as "...the most groundbreaking artist to grace music in the last 30 years." By 2004 the debut album was finished, and in late February the first single "Faded Love" was starting its climb up rock radio play lists. With just over a month to go before their debut album was to hit the streets, and with a huge promotional push now underway, Rust Epique suffered a heart attack and passed away on March 9th, 2004. pre)Thing's debut, 22nd Century Lifestyle: Episode Rustandthesuperheroes Sexdrugsandsoutherncityrock, hit the shelves on April 6th, 2004. ~ David Jeffries, Rovi