Patty Duke, of course, made her main mark in the 1960s as the star of television's Patty Duke Show. Like Shelley Fabares and Annette Funicello, she briefly cashed in on her television stardom to enter the hit parade, although she wasn't much of a singer. "Don't Just Stand There," a Top Ten hit in 1965, was very much in the Lesley Gore mold, if tamer. The other material she recorded for United Artists in the mid-'60s was tamer still, although it had some nominal connection to the White girl group sound of Gore and other singers. Even by the time "Don't Just Stand There" was a hit, this style was passing out of fashion, and after a few smaller hits -- "Say Something Funny" (number 22), "Whenever She Holds You" (number 64), "Funny Little Butterflies" (number 77) -- her turn as a recording star was over. ~ Richie Unterberger, Rovi