Pastor, gospel singer, and songwriter Dr. C. Ronald S. Williams uses his many God-given talents to spread the Word with moving songs and powerful sermons. In 1984, he formed a choir known as Pastor Williams & the Voices of Koinoinia. The choir is comprised of over 70 members, both musicians and vocalists. The large group has performed with many well-known artists from different genres. In 1992, Williams and his choir recorded a debut album, Live in Cleveland. It took three years for the sophomore, Glorious, to hit the market, while Victory at Mount Zion followed that same year. In 1999 and 2000, working under the Tyscot Records label, two more albums were completed, Canaan Land and Life Raft. Some of the tunes listeners can enjoy on these albums include "Have Thine Own Way, Lord," "God Is Working in My Life," "He Has Been So Good," "If You Ask Me Why I Love the Lord," and "The Sun Will Shine Tomorrow." ~ Charlotte Dillon, Rovi