Passion was a New York-based disco outfit with a penchant for sensual, extended tracks flavored with funk and Latin rhythms. A brief and unsuccessful stint on AVI -- which produced the single "Are You Free Tonight" -- was followed by a more fruitful relationship with disco movers-and-shakers Prelude. Their first 12" single on the label was 1980's "Don't Bring Back Memories," which gained substantial club play along with its B-side, "In New York"; it was produced by multi-instrumentalist Ray Martinez. 1982 brought their biggest club hit, the Kashif-penned "Don't Stop My Love"; their final single, the Eric Matthew-produced "You Can't Hide It," was released in 1984. Their only album, Don't Stop My Love (initially released under the title Passion), later became a popular item among disco collectors, no doubt thanks in part to its notoriously racy cover photo. ~ Steve Huey, Rovi