Nuwine stands out as one of the more noteworthy rappers to sincerely advocate a Christian ideology, and though he remained underground, he enjoyed much success there, producing and self-releasing numerous albums on his Wino-O Records label. Born Maurice Williams to a musical father and a God-fearing mother in Cleveland, OH, he ran the streets and led a gangsta lifestyle before eventually relocating to Houston, TX, and started looking to Christ for answers. Ever since, Nuwine has synthesized his gifted rapping ability with his beliefs, resulting in prolific output that began in the late '90s with albums such as Ghetto Mission and would-be hits such as "Bad Day." Many have described him as similar in style to 2Pac but with a Christian agenda. He eventually went secular as Wine-O and began flirting with crossover success in the mid-2000s. ~ Jason Birchmeier, Rovi