Discovered by Third Bass' MC Serch, during the heyday of Wild Pitch Records, Non-Phixion quickly generated a lot of hype -- and went through a number of labels -- before their long-awaited debut was finally released. Composed of MCs Ill Bill, Goretex Medinah, and Sabac Red, along with DJ Eclipse, Non-Phixion mixed graphic, unsettling lyrics over dirty, gritty beats -- often composed by Ill Bill's brother, the even more controversial Necro. After dropping their debut single, "Legacy," on Fat Beats, Non-Phixion was quickly snatched up by Geffen. The incendiary content of songs like "I Shot Reagan," 1998, may have been a bit much for the major label, and the group soon moved to the more independent Matador. Non-Phixion's The Future Is Now was basically complete and the album was hotly anticipated by this point. After releasing the Black Helicopters 12", though, Non-Phixion abruptly left Matador. The buzz around the band continued to grow asNon-Phixion released more singles and several collaborations, often involving Necro and his emergent Psycho-Logical Records. Finally, in 2001, Non-Phixion landed at Warner Bros. and The Future Is Now finally appeared set for release. That was not to be, however, for whatever reason the release was delayed and when it did arrive in the spring of 2002, it was on Uncle Howie Records. ~ Martin Woodside, Rovi