Guitarist Aaron Moreland and harpist/vocalist Dustin Arbuckle, along with drummer Brad Horner, have fashioned an old/new 21st century roots sound by merging several American musical strains, from blues, folk, and country to rock and soul, and when at their best, they do it all with a raw and energetic passion. Moreland and Arbuckle met at an open-mike session at a club in Wichita, Kansas, in 2001, and since both were exploring country blues, they began playing together, starting a quartet called the Kingsnakes. Personnel came and went in the band, including Horner, who joined the Kingsnakes in 2003 but didn't stick around long. Hanging onto a bassist proved to be a problem, but when Horner returned in 2006, Moreland and Arbuckle realized that they didn't really need a bassist, and the current trio took shape. Three self-produced albums quickly followed -- Caney Valley Blues in 2005, Floyd's Market in 2006, and 1861 in 2008. All three releases garnered critical attention and Moreland & Arbuckle signed with Telarc International, which released Flood in 2010. Issued in 2011, Just a Dream featured a guest spot from guitarist Steve Cropper. Horner left in 2012 and was replaced by Kendall Newby. The revamped trio emerged with 7 Cities, produced by Matt Bayles, in 2013. ~ Steve Leggett, Rovi