Leisureworld began in Toronto, where Cade Lakeshore and Patrick Worthington discovered their mutual interest in rock & roll while working third shift at a printing press. The two formed a band called Lyposucker, and began to bang out ideas on two guitars and a crappy drum machine. After the addition of hard-hitting drummer Brent Empress, the trio became Trailer Park, and began to gig around Toronto, but soon had to change their name due to its ownership by an American combo. Lakeshore, Worthington, and Empress became Leisureworld, hooked up with a Buffalo, NY-based management team, and continued playing out in and around Toronto, while at the same time laying down tracks at a friend's studio. Eventually, the trio signed with the indie 41, who successfully shopped Leisureworld's single "I'm Dead" to active rock outlets in minor radio markets like Buffalo, Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Detroit. This grass-roots maneuvering generated a buzz, and major labels came snooping. Around this point, the trio realized that their reliance on guitar loops and studio effects was a hindrance when performing live. The band needed an additional guitarist, and got lucky when they ran into Patricia Melia at a tropical fish retail outlet. Melia soon joined up, and the newly reconfigured Leisureworld looked toward Los Angeles. In late 2002, Leisureworld opted into a deal with ARTISTdirect, the BMG-distributed imprint started by Interscope ex-patriot Ted Field. In April 2003, the label issued the debut Leisureworld LP, Double Wide Double High. ~ Johnny Loftus, Rovi