Kidtonik was a tween pop group from France who made their recording debut in 2008 and racked up a series of Top Ten hit singles. Comprised of French tweens Morgane Goffard, Alexis Durand, Joanna Miles, Oihana Lob, Sarah Michelle, and Robin Livin (the sole member from Belgium), the group was formed of winners from the kids' TV talent contest show Iapiap, broadcast by Canal J, a French television station targeting kids between the ages of seven and 14. Kidtonik made their recording debut in 2008 with the Top Five hit single Aller Plus Loin, a highly produced, electro-fashioned pop song whose appeal proved broad. While the group's full-length debut album, Aller Plus Loin (2008), released a few months later on the label Heben Music label, wasn't especially popular, charting for only 11 weeks and climbing no higher than number 50, it spawned a series of Top Ten follow-up hit singles with Left and Right and Jusqu'au Bout. In 2009 Sarah Michelle, then 16, was picked for solo stardom and recorded a relatively well-received debut album, Vivre, in a similar style. The following year she was back with Kidtonik, who hit the charts again with their second album, No Limit, but shortly thereafter the group fizzled out as Sarah Michelle returned to her solo career for a second, more mature album, Notre Amitié. Morgane Goffard and Joanna Miles also attempted to launch solo careers, but without success. ~ Jason Birchmeier & John D. Buchanan, Rovi