This Cleveland native joined the ranks of one of that city's most popular bands, the Michael Stanley Band, in 1979 during the recording of its Greatest Hints album. Although the act was a major draw in its home state and had a strong following in the Northeast and Midwest, the group was never truly able to make an impact nationally. However, Kevin Raleigh was an integral member, adding keyboards, and as a lyricist and singer for the band. In fact, he wrote and sang lead on several of the band's charted singles, including "When I'm Holding You Tight," "Someone Like You," and "He Can't Love You," which was the Michael Stanley Band's highest-charting hit, reaching number 33 in early 1981. Raleigh remained with the band until their formal breakup in 1986, at which time he pursued a solo career. Signed to Atlantic Records, Raleigh released Delusions of Grandeur during the spring of 1989. Although the album did little beyond Michael Stanley Band devotees, it did produce a minor hit in "Moonlight on Water." By 1995, Raleigh had moved to the business side of the music industry, managing the Pittsburgh-based Brownie Mary. ~ Tom Demalon, Rovi