Best known for their third-place finish on the British reality television talent show The X Factor (circa 2005), Journey South are a musical duo from the northern English city of Middlesbrough. Brothers Carl and Andy Pemberton, after having honed their skills in clubs and pubs all over old Blighty, auditioned for The X Factor in 2005. They were very successful in their endeavor, placing third and scoring a record deal with Sony BMG. The pair's debut for the label, Journey South, was quickly recorded and was released on March 20 of 2006. A number one hit upon its release, Journey South was soon followed by the sophomore effort Home. This time around, however, Journey South were not on the Sony label, having made an amicable split just previous to the album's release. Now in charge of their own label, ANCA, the Pemberton brothers soldiered on, and in 2008 released their next single, "Reconcile Our Love." ~ Chris True, Rovi