Music was part of Joel Nava's life from the start. The Tejano singer, who is of Mexican-American heritage, was born to hardworking parents in the Texas town of Victoria. He grew up in Port Lavaca, TX, where he was influenced by his grandfather's accordion playing. Before he'd hit his teen years, Nava was playing percussion, which he'd learned without formal instruction. He was part of a country group that played around Port Lavaca during his high school years. With a band called Bobby Lee and the Nightriders, he made up his mind that singing was for him. He proceeded to do so in both Spanish and English. Later in life, making records for Arista/Latin, he backed himself with a band called the Border. The outfit included accordion player Isaac Valverde; background singer and bass player Mike Barro, who formerly worked with Tejano vocalist Patsy Torres; drummer Larry Villanueva, who also worked with Ramiro "Ram" Herrera; background singer and guitarist TJ Gonzales, who had been part of Tejano band Culturas; and Francisco Cortinas, who played the saxophone and keyboards and contributed some vocals. Nava's self-titled first album launched the hit "Para Que?" in 1995. His second album, Sov Otro, is classic Tejano. The title translates as "I've changed." The 1996 release features an appearance by Jay Perez, another Tejano artist. Nava has released a trio of music videos for the songs "I Do," "Mama's Boy," and "Para Que?" He has appeared on television's Music City Tonight and Austin City Limits, among other programs. His singles include "Ya Me Ando Preparando." ~ Linda Seida, Rovi