R&B chanteuse Jerzee Monet's path to the recording industry was an ambitious journey that started on the East Coast. Monet grew up in various towns in New Jersey, shuffled back and forth between divorced parents. It was this exposure to all sides of both culture and race that gave Monet the confidence and knowledge to use her vocal talents. She settled in Trenton, NJ, as a hair stylist for a bit, but she knew music was in her blood and she had to act on her impulses. She took a job as a chef in a Virginia restaurant and by chance, the entire Ruff Ryders roster and staff came into her workplace for dinner in 1999. DMX, their most popular artist on the tour, hit it off well with Monet and eventually the group handed her several phone numbers to contact them. The company encouraged her to keep at it, so she moved back to New Jersey and took three jobs to support her goals. A contract with Dreamworks finally came her way and she recorded her debut album with producer Tyrice Jones in 2001. The final result, titled Love & War, was released in the summer of 2002. ~ Bradley Torreano, Rovi