Rapper Jacky Jasper first made a name for himself hustling women in the rough streets of Toronto in the early '90s. When he wasn't pimpin' women, Jasper was pimpin' hardcore rhymes about real life. To achieve his dreams of becoming a rap star, he left Toronto for New York in 1993 and met up with Eric B. of Eric B. & Rakim. Deals with Streetlife Records and Set It Off Records soon surfaced, but he quickly left that behind for a life in Hollywood. There, Jasper returned to his day job while befriending the likes of Ice-T and Kool Keith. His instant rapport with these established artists led him to a deal with Germany's Intercord Records and a joint European tour with Foxy Brown followed in 1998. A year later, Jasper helped Kool Keith's alter-ego "Dr. Doom" come to life on Keith's 1999 release First Come, First Served. Jasper took note, and perfected his own fierce rap stylings. He finally broke free of being behind the scenes at the brink of the new millennium. Jacky Jasper shared spot with Kool Keith on the 2001 Vans' Warped Tour proved successful; he scored the perfect deal with Number 6/Koch Entertainment and after ten years of wheeling and dealing inside ghetto life, he made his proper debut with 2002's Keep My Sh*t Clean. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, Rovi