Having written sacred and popular music, Gastão Lamounier had his compositions recorded by Sílvio Caldas, Carlos Galhardo, Orlando Silveira, Mário de Azevedo, Paulo Sérgio, and other artists. Also a radioman, Lamounier was the creator of the first juvenile show of Brazilian radio. After 1900, Lamounier moved to Rio de Janeiro with his family, where he graduated in law in 1919. Having studied the piano with Alberto Nepomuceno's widow, Lamounier would only dedicate himself to classical and sacred music in his old age. Most of his life was spent in popular music, beginning in radio through an invitation by Albênzio Perrone in 1929. In the same year, Gastão Formenti recorded with success his tangos "Renúncia" and "Arrependimento" (with Olegário Mariano). Having being appointed artistic director of Rádio Educadora, Formenti remained in that capacity for ten years, being the creator of the first juvenile show on Brazilian radio. Sílvio Caldas recorded with success his valses "Há Um Segredo Em Teus Cabelos" (with Osvaldo Santiago) and "Só Nós Dois" (with Anuar Jorge). In 1937, Carlos Galhardo also recorded with success the valse "E O Destino Desfolhou" (with Mário Rossi, re-recorded in the '70s by Paulo Sérgio) and Albênzio Perrone "Suave Poema de Amor" (with Mário Rossi). Perrone recorded two songs in 1938 written with Lamounier, "Apoteose de Estrelas" and "Por Amor Ao Meu Amor." Having had stints in several radio outings, Lamounier was hired by Rádio Nacional in 1945. ~ Alvaro Neder, Rovi