Like many great musicians, including Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles, among others, Gustavo Laureano got his first musical training in church. From the age of 13, Laureano learned to play bass, drums, guitar, and sing, thanks to the thriving, vital musical life that characterizes many Puerto Rican churches. After high school, Laureano attended the University of Orlando. In love with the rock sounds of the '80s, the young multi-instrumentalist sought out collaborators among his classmates, ultimately connecting with bass player Mark Kilpatrick. Having written together throughout their college careers, the pair moved to Miami following graduation. Once personnel were in place, Laureano and bandmates started performing locally under the name La Secta Allstar. It was not long before the group's career took on a life of it's own, with pop stars like Ricky Martin and Ednita Nazario performing their material. With the help of producer Andres Levin, Laureano recorded five records with the band, ultimately becoming one of Universal Latino's flagship groups. La Secta's consistently huge sales and stadium-filling ability earned Laureano the notoriety and clout necessary to realize a longtime dream in 2007. His first solo record, King Callero del Amor, refers to Laureano's grandfather. Referring to the word quincallero (hardware merchant), Laureano pays homage to his grandfather, who was a traveling salesman in the humble San Juan district of La Perla. Though still dedicated to La Secta, Laureano set his feet to a path that may bring his artistry to a new and fresh place. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez, Rovi