First formed in Poughkeepsie, New York before moving to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Genghis Tron was a noise, electronic, IDM, grind, doom, ambient trio that got together in 2004. Their myriad of styles, which were made on-stage and on-record without the aid of bass or drummer, was hard to miss in the post-rock and post-metal world, and leading label Relapse eventually signed them up. Members Mookie Singerman (vocals and keyboards), Hamilton Jordan (guitars, drum programming), and Michael Sochynsky (keyboards and drum programming) released their first album, Dead Mountain Mouth on Crucial Blast in 2006, and followed that with their debut for Relapse, Board Up the House, in 2008. The band spent much of that time touring the U.S., and Singerman was a regular contributor to metal and extreme music magazine, Decibel. ~ Chris True, Rovi