Wanting to bring the energy of live R&B to the world, Chapmaster J (co-founder of Digital Underground) founded Force One Network in 1992. Although his roots were hip-hop, Chapmaster J discovered the urban soul voice of Dave Hollister, added the more popular voices of groups like Boys II Men and Jodeci, and came up with a winning single titled "Spirit." Released by Quincy Jones' Quest/Warner Bros., "Spirit" appeared on the film Boyz 'N the Hood, which was a platinum seller and nominated for an Oscar.
Quest/Warner Brothers released Force One Network's debut album, The M M E Program 1, in 1992 while the group was still young. It received critical acclaim and started the group on tours that took it to Japan and Southeast Asia. The group put out a few more singles during 1992 and 1993 under the Quest/Warner Bros. label, including "Somethin' About You" and "Sista Sista." During the '90s, Dave Hollister also fronted for Teddy Riley's multi-platinum winner Blackstreet, and had two albums released by Dreamworks.
In 1997, Thug/Rowdy Records released the group's second album, Soul Network -- Program II, which included the popular "Over & Over." A third self-titled major album from Force One Network came out in 2001 and featured Dave Hollister. The album picked up 11 of its songs from the two previous albums, including "Spirit," and added previously unreleased two songs.
Hollister continued to solo as a songwriter and producer, with his solo debut album, Ghetto Hymns, coming out in 1999, and Force One Network Featuring Dave Hollister coming out in 2001. Chapmaster J changed his moniker to Big Brutha Soul and started another band with that name, working out of San Francisco. ~ Eleanor Ditzel, Rovi