Envisioned by a committee of pop hitmakers (primarily Eliot Kennedy, best known for work with the Spice Girls), Blush was formed through an audition process and eventual reality TV show in Hong Kong in late 2010. The goal: selecting one girl from each of five countries: China, Japan, South Korea, India, and the Philippines. To that end, the final singers and dancers eventually emerged -- Alisha Budhrani, a dancer from India who had been working with Coco Lee; Victoria Chan, a singer from the Hong Kong academies with a background in show tunes; Natsuko Danjo, a hip-hop aficionado from Japan; Angeli Flores, a Filipino R&B singer; and Ji Hae Lee, late-blooming singer from Korea. Once the band was formed officially, a series of high-end producers from the American and British pop markets were enlisted to create tracks covering the range of potential girl group pop songs. The band began to take tentative steps into the Western market in 2011, opening for Justin Bieber in a Hong Kong show and appearing on So You Think You Can Dance to perform "Undivided," a single featuring Snoop Dogg for additional credibility. Though met with mixed reviews and strong comparisons to the Pussycat Dolls, the band released "Undivided" digitally, moving into Top Ten of the Billboard Dance charts upon release. ~ Adam Greenberg, Rovi