Like the Eurythmics before them, Sun 60 was originally comprised of two key founders, vocalist Joan Jones and guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist David Russo, with a host of rotating guest musicians. Formed in Los Angeles in 1987 under the name of Far Cry, they played their own brand of acoustic folk-rock almost every night of the week in pretty much any club that would let them in the door. Friends and colleagues would sit in on percussion, bass, or whatever else, depending on the gig. A steady following built, and in 1990 Epic Records took notice and signed them. In the blink of an eye, they became Sun 60 and released their self-titled debut in 1991. Touring with Material Issue, Paul Weller, and Big Head Todd & the Monsters helped them establish a national fan base that couldn't get enough of their high-energy live shows and melodically addictive songs. Pushing the creative envelope a little further, 1993's Only was a bit edgier, with several notable guest musicians, including Maids of Gravity drummer Craig Levitz, former Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Jack Irons, and guitarist Dave Navarro. Jones, who previously recalled a cross between Edie Brickell and Rickie Lee Jones, became a powerhouse on stage, resembling more of a young, honey-voiced Patti Smith. With a taste for alternative rock on their tongues, Jones and Russo rounded out the band with full-time members -- drummer Mike Lawrence, guitarist Bret Jensen, and bassist/brother Eddie Russo -- and really started kicking it on the next release in 1995. Headjoy was perhaps Sun 60's most consistent record, full of hits that never were, especially the crazily catchy "C'mon + Kiss Me." Sadly, it also became their last record, as the band split up and went their separate ways in 1996, with Jones embarking a solo career and Russo focusing on film scoring. ~ Kelly McCartney, Rovi