Industrial experimentalist Johan Van Roy created his brash goth rock in 1986 when forming Suicide Commando, an eclectic spin-off of influences such as Cabaret Voltaire, Skinny Puppy, and Frontline Assembly. Self-promotion throughout the '80s and early '90s led Suicide Commando to ink a deal with Off Beat and an official label debut (Critical Stage) in 1994. Suicide Commando scored several club hits on the first album, so when the second effort Stored Images was issued the following year, the band found themselves with a bigger following and such praise led to a Critical Images tour. A limited edition EP box set was issued in coordination of the tour as well as the Contamination EP in 1997. More dance-club hits came in 1998 with the release of Construct-Deconstruct and two years later Mind Strip appeared. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, Rovi