After South London's Mark Long and Marcus Bell made their fourth post-punk record with Ralph Hall as the Opposition, they took some time off from what was a busy recording schedule and reappeared as the duo So in 1988. So's material differed from the Opposition's with a much slicker production slant and a big sound that pointed toward the chart pop of the time with a foot in the pair's past; consider the Blue Nile, Simple Minds, and maybe even the Cutting Crew as periodic points of reference sound-wise. Their first single, 1988's "Are You Sure," was a minor hit that built anticipation for a full LP. The next two singles, "Would You Die for Me" and "Burning Bush," failed to leave much of an impression on the charts and didn't build on the buzz (it would be too easy to say they were so-so). The oddly titled full-length record Horseshoe in the Glove surfaced by the end of 1988 through EMI. Two years later, Bell and Long joined back up with Hall to continue with the Opposition. ~ Andy Kellman, Rovi