After Rick Astley's slick blue-eyed soul began to dominate Top 40 radio in England and America in the late '80s, a number of sharply dressed and handsome British bands, such as Johnny Hates Jazz, Curiousity Killed the Cat, and Breathe, started appearing on MTV. Signed to Polydor, Waterfront was among the few who were rewarded with a one-hit single before vanishing. Consisting of Chris Duffy (vocals), Phil Cilia (guitar), Chris Childs (bass), and Greg Haver (drums), Waterfront released their self-titled debut in 1989. Panned by critics, Waterfront included the group's only smash in America, "Cry," a song about falling in love with a minor. Waterfront's lightweight, R&B-influenced pop was too blatantly derivative for them to sustain a career; on "Nature of Love," Waterfront tried to imitate Johnny Hates Jazz's "Shattered Dreams," even Clark Datchler's heartbroken falsetto. Once Waterfront's peers were unable to equal earlier successes, the band disappeared with them. On May 2000, Duffy and Cilia reunited as Waterfront at the Kashmir Klub/BMI Showcase in London, England, a concert that was broadcast on the internet. Featuring a more sophisticated and lush sound, the group performed tracks like "Valentine's Day," "Cowboy Dreaming," and "Kingdom Comes." They also began recording a new album. ~ Michael Sutton, Rovi