Guitarist and singer/songwriter Bob Segarini formed the Wackers in 1970 in Montreal, Canada. The artists he pulled together for this new group were guitarist, keyboardist, and bassist Randy Bishop; pianist and guitarist Michael Stull; bassist and guitarist Bill Trochim; and drummer Spencer Earnshaw. After three years, the lineup lost Stull, and drummer Gerry Mercer was brought in to help out. All of the members came into the act with plenty of experience. After recording four albums, the group called it quits in 1974.
The Wackers completed their debut album, Wackering Heights, in 1971 under the Elektra label. Two more albums followed, Hot Wacks and Shredder, each a year apart. In 1974, the group's last year together, Wack 'n' Roll was recorded. That fourth album, created during the slow death of the Wackers, was never to have a release date. Some of the tunes from the group during it lifespan include "I Don't Want My Love Refused," "White House," "No Place for the Children," "Body Go Round," and "Country Queen."
After the group fell apart, each of the members went on with a career in music. Lead singer Bob Segarini stepped into the world of solo performing and recorded several albums of his own. ~ Charlotte Dillon, Rovi