Happyhead was Carl Marsh's short-lived project following the dissolution of Shriekback. Taking its cues from the pharmacological grooves of acid house and the Madchester scene, Happyhead was a colorful, brash coupling of acid house rhythms and loud guitars similar to Inspiral Carpets, Carter U.S.M., Jesus Jones, or Happy Mondays. Happyhead consisted of Marsh (dubbed Kylie) on vocals and guitars, Jim Kimberly (JFK) on keyboards and drums, and Steve Greetham (the Great Steven) on bass, with producer/mixer David Barratt taking an active writing role with Marsh. Unfortunately, Happyhead just missed the dance rock boat; their sole album, Give Happyhead, didn't come out until 1992, by which time acid house had been replaced by grunge as the current flavor of the month. Coupled with indifferent promotion by the group's label, the changing of the pop music guards doomed Happyhead out of the gate. Marsh continued with a solo career after the band's demise. ~ Stewart Mason, Rovi