The Irish band Cactus World News received a boost from one of their compatriots before they even recorded their first album. In 1985, the group sent a demo tape to Bono of U2 and he promptly brought the band into the studio to record their EP The Bridge. Formed in Dublin, Ireland, Cactus World News would've received comparisons to U2 even without Bono's connection with the group. Eoin McEvoy's moody, passionate vocals and Frank Kearns' soaring electric guitars were reminiscent of U2's early work, especially on anthems like "Worlds Apart" and "The Bridge" from Cactus World News' first album Urban Beaches. Released in 1986 on MCA Records, Urban Beaches was predicted to be a breakthrough debut. However, despite much press attention and even a performance on MTV, Cactus World News was unable to sell records in the U.S. Once touted as the next big thing, Cactus World News' popularity couldn't extend beyond the frequency range of college radio stations. In 1989, Cactus World News released a second album called No Shelter. Unhappy with the commercial potential of the LP, MCA immediately deleted it before it was distributed. Many fans doubted its existence until copies of it were passed around on the Internet. Cactus World News disbanded in 1990. ~ Michael Sutton, Rovi