During the early 2000s, guitarist/keyboardist Dan Balis and keyboardist Eugene Cho -- musicians who met while attending Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York -- produced and remixed house tracks for the Brique Rogue and Stay True labels. In June 2006, after opting to move closer to house music’s disco roots, the two hatched Escort with “Starlight,” a contemporary disco single that could have passed for a fresh take on a lost Skyy 12”. Recorded with the assistance of several musicians, including vocalists Zena Kitt and Kemba Russell, the 12” release featured a dub mix from Metro Area's Darshan Jesrani. Three additional singles followed through the next 12 months: “Love in Indigo” (October 2006), “A Bright New Life” (February 2007), and “All Through the Night” (May 2007). Their fifth single didn’t materialize until three years later, and by that time, Balis and Cho’s lineup had changed and expanded to a total of 17 musicians, including horn and string sections. “Cocaine Blues,” released in October 2010, also featured a new lead vocalist, Adeline Michele, and it served as a teaser for the band’s first album, issued in November 2011. ~ Andy Kellman, Rovi