It is not considered good luck for a guitarist to be named William Jones. The same rule applies, joined at the hip, to variations of the name such as Bill Jones and Billy Jones. This guitarist has been credited under at least two of these variations for his activities with the disco-dominion-over-funk fiefdom known as Heatwave. The perception of these names not being good for guitarists has nothing to do with how common they are, for a change. The names seem to reap bad karma and superstition due to the execution of a convicted killed named William Jones. Attempts to save his life were made by presenting evidence of his own abuse as a child at the hands of his father. In a real-life example of the act known in cartoons as "el kabong!," the tyrant smashed a guitar over his son's head. As strange as the music scene is, it could have something to do with the fact that world-famous guitarists do not tend to be named William Jones.
As for capital punishment, there were some factions whose dislike for disco was so strong that they at least jokingly suggested the ultimate penalty for artists who made major contributions to the genre. This category would have to include Heatwave. Without this band there would be no "Boogie Nights" to venture forth into. The group's origins were Germany, where U.S. Army brothers Jonathan Wilder and Keith Wilder put together an international lineup, including musicians from the Czech Republic and Spain.
By 1979 Jones had been asked to swelter in a Heatwave that was now soaking up the rays emanating from hot producer Phil Ramone. There were openings in the group's membership due to members seeking the relative shade of songwriting careers as well as at least one who mangled his new ride up so badly it left him physically unable to boogie. The guitarist, who also contributes background vocals, has worked off and on with the band ever since. Live performances in the late '90s were well received, as was the Live at the Greek Theatre release. ~ Eugene Chadbourne, Rovi