A graduate of MIT's prestigious engineering program, electronics wizard Tom Scholz was the master-mind behind the phenomenal success of the '70s rock group Boston. Making demos in his basement studio, Scholz gained the interest of Epic records who signed the guitarist to a deal. After assembling a group of studio musicians and spending a painstakingly long amount of time recording their debut, Boston's first album was released to remarkable success, eventually selling over 9 million copies on the strength of hits such as "More than a Feeling" and "Peace of Mind," becoming the highest selling debut in the process. Problems ensued, however, when the perfectionist Scholz (who has been rumored to have re-done a single drum track 108 times before he was satisfied) took several years to release follow up Boston albums. Litigation ensued and Scholz finally released Boston's third album under the name Third Stage in 1986. A notoriously "un-rock n' roll" figure who never enjoyed the limelight of being a performer, the MIT scholar has put his engineering degree to use, forming Scholz Research & Development, a company who has patented several inventions including the widely popular Rockman amplifier. In recent years Scholz has turned his attentions towards philanthropic endeavors, donating substantial amounts of money to charities he believes in. ~ Steve Kurutz, Rovi