Ohio-based funk band Switch began in 1975 as First Class. Jermaine Jackson discovered the group that included lead vocalist Phillip Ingram (brother of James Ingram) and Greg Williams, Bobby DeBarge, Tommy DeBarge, Eddie Fluellan, and Jody Sims. In 1978, they had a Top Ten R&B hit with "There'll Never Be." They also had two others during their time on Gordy, "I Call Your Name" in 1979 and "Love Over and Over Again" in 1980. Ingram went on his own in 1980, and the DeBarges left to assist their siblings' group, DeBarge. Percussionist/vocalist Renard Gallo and Gonzales Ozen and keyboardist Attala Zane Giles were their replacements. They left Gordy for Total Experience in 1984, where they cut their final LP, Am I Still Your Boyfriend? ~ Ron Wynn, Rovi