Spiky-haired singer/guitarist Nick Marsh crawled from England's legendary goth club the Batcave to start his own band, Flesh for Lulu, in 1983. Also featuring Rocco Barker (guitar), Derek Greening (keyboards), James Mitchell (drums), and Kevin Mills (bass), Flesh for Lulu released their self-titled debut LP in 1984. Combining glam rock's flamboyancy with the Batcave's gloomy rhythms, Flesh for Lulu quickly became one of the most popular live acts in the U.K. underground. By 1987's Long Live the New Flesh, Flesh for Lulu began sculpting a more commercial sound. Marsh's longing vocals on "I Go Crazy" landed the tune onto the soundtrack of John Hughes' Some Kind of Wonderful and alternative radio stations. Long Live the New Flesh was not a Billboard smash, but songs such as "I Go Crazy" and "Postcards From Paradise" expanded the group's cult following in America. Flesh for Lulu even toured with the Ramones. However, 1989's Plastic Fantastic was a flop. Hollywood Records offered the band a contract, but the deal wasn't consummated. The group broke up in the early '90s. In 1995, Marsh formed Gigantic with Barker, Dave Blair (bass), and Al Fletcher (drums). Gigantic recorded one album, Disenchanted, for Columbia and then disbanded in 1998. In 2000, Marsh and Barker revived Flesh for Lulu. ~ Michael Sutton, Rovi