Matthias Jabs was born in 1956. He is a guitarist whose biggest claim to fame has been his long history with the Scorpions. He first joined the group in 1979 as a replacement for Michael Schenker. Actually, Schenker, brother of Scorpions stalwart Rudolf Schenker, was only a temporary replacement for Uli Jon Roth. Jabs signed on while the band was in the process of recording Lovedrive, an album that was a bit of a breakthrough for the group. With the LP in production at the time, both Jabs and Michael Schenker appeared, although Schenker is credited as a guest while Jabs is shown as a member of the band. Jabs has stayed with that group for the duration since joining, being their guitarist through their glory days. Outside of that band, he has only recorded one album with Cliff Richard. ~ Gary Hill, Rovi