One of the founding members of what would eventually become stoner rock legends Monster Magnet, John McBain was a guitarist who worked with such players as Matt Cameron and Josh Homme. Born in New Jersey on April 23, 1965, McBain and original Monster Magnet members Tim Cronin and Tom Diello first came together as Dog of Mystery in 1989. Upon the inclusion of frontman Dave Wyndorf, the band took on the moniker of Monster Magnet, and McBain played guitar on that band's first three releases (Monster Magnet EP [1990], Spine of God [1991], and Tab...25 EP [1991]) before being forced out due to inner-band tensions. He then reappeared in 1993 in a Pacific Northwest psych-rock side project called Hater alongside Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron (both of Soundgarden). When that band had run its course, McBain participated in the first two Desert Sessions albums with Queens of the Stone Age honcho Josh Homme. In addition, Cameron, Shepherd, and McBain continued to work together (with guest appearances from other prominent members of the scene) in the group Wellwater Conspiracy. In 2004, McBain relocated to San Francisco, and began work on a solo project. That record, The In-Flight Feature, was released in 2006. ~ Chris True, Rovi