Jim Glover, with his wife Jean Glover, was half of the duo Jim & Jean, which made some modest-selling folk and folk-rock albums in the mid- to late '60s. Their vocal harmonies recalled those of Ian & Sylvia, but their material and arrangements were not nearly as strong. (See Jim & Jean entry for full details.) While much of Jim & Jean's recorded repertoire was covers of folk songs and contemporary folk-rock singer/songwriters, Jim Glover did write some original songs for their albums, particularly on their third LP, People World.
Glover was also an important figure in the Phil Ochs story, as he had become good friends with Ochs in the early '60s when they were both students at Ohio State. Glover taught Ochs how to play guitar and sang with Ochs in a folk duo, the Sundowners (who were briefly called the Singing Socialists). The Sundowners didn't last long, but their friendship endured, and Ochs stayed with Glover in New York when Ochs first came to the city to try to enter the folk scene. By that time, Glover had met and started performing with his future wife, then named Jean Ray. Jim & Jean also covered seven Phil Ochs songs on their albums, the most notable of those being "Crucifixion," which preceded the release of Ochs' own version. ~ Richie Unterberger, Rovi