Kid Congo Powers is the stage name of Brian Tristan, who was born March 27, 1959 in La Puente, California. Tristan spent his childhood growing up in a Mexican immigrant suburb of Los Angeles, soaking up whatever music was around, and by his young adulthood, he found himself squarely in the center of the L.A. punk scene, forming the Gun Club with Jeffrey Lee Pierce, eventually leaving the band in 1980 to play in the Cramps, returning to the Gun Club in 1984 while also playing guitar for Nick Cave's Bad Seeds. Well known as Kid Congo Powers by this point, he began to devote time to his own bands and projects, beginning with Congo Norvell and later the Pink Monkey Birds, developing a quirky, theatrical, almost anything-goes musical personality that made his music hard to pin down, full of punk, rockabilly, and surf influences, but always endlessly hip, unpredictable, and utterly fascinating. ~ Steve Leggett, Rovi