Kevin Kane was born and raised in Surrey and Kelowna, British Columbia; in his teens he started a punk band called the Kill Pigs with Chris and Tom Hooper, whom he'd known since grade school. After playing in other bands (Kane in Empty Set and the Hoopers in Gentlemen of Horror), they reunited and formed Honda Civic, eventually settling on the name Grapes of Wrath. The band signed with Toronto's Nettwerk Records in 1984 and released a self-titled EP in November of that year. Several very successful albums followed, but after years of hits (including "Misunderstanding," "O Lucky Man," "All the Things I Wasn't," "I Am Here," and "You May Be Right"), the band ousted Kane in 1992; the remaining members formed Ginger while a legal battle ensued over the Grapes of Wrath name. Meanwhile, Kane produced fellow Vancouverites Zumpano's debut, Look What the Rookie Did. In 1996 Kane's solo debut, Neighborhood Watch, was released on his OnOff label. In 1998 the Grapes of Wrath delighted their fans when they reunited and played several dates in Vancouver. ~ Gina Boldman, Rovi