Evans was once upon a time best known for being the hyperactive drummer for Van Der Graaf Generator, a position that once led to a reviewer noting of the band's Pawn Hearts album that it contained "the latest installment of the ever-evolving non-stop Guy Evans drum solo." While his jazz-influenced drum work was one of the sonic linchpins of VDGG, his work outside of the group tended to take a more mainstream form -- his drumming on Fools Mate, bandmate Peter Hammill's solo debut, is positively sedate. Following the breakup of VDGG in 1972, Evans went on to play rock & roll with Charlie and the Wideboys while performing on Hammill's solo albums. When VDGG reformed for Godbluff, Evans was back in the drum seat, remaining until the last version of the band petered out. Evans would go on to become a sheep farmer in Cornwall, England, constructing a home studio and making periodic forays to work with Hammill, Mother Gong, Amon Duul, Nigel Mazlyn Jones and others. He is also on call for the experimental ensemble Echo City, who divide their time between chaotic performances and the construction of special percussive playgrounds for handicapped children. ~ Steven McDonald, Rovi